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 40% of assets never used 

 Production audit uncovers cost efficiencie

A large cutting-edge global tech brand sought innovative solutions to scale and enhance its in-house content production capabilities. Working closely with their business development and procurement teams, along with the brand's consulting agency of record, we embarked on a comprehensive investigation, audit, and assessment of their entire internal production and creative processes. Our analysis revealed that on an average campaign, 40% of the assets they produced were never used, resulting in a significant waste of resources. ​ Armed with these findings we developed production strategy approaches for delivering an improved target operating model and a supporting business case for scaling their internal content production using the potential available capital.

 From Limited to Limitless 

 Unlock revenue and take in-house to the next level 

An iconic UK-based advertising agency sought to expand its limited in-house production capabilities to establish a new, direct-to-client in-house content production offering. House Band conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing capabilities and recognized a broader opportunity to extend the scope of the new in-house studio to serve all the agency's clients. We meticulously crafted a new in-house operating model, re-staffed the team, re-branded the department, and seamlessly integrated it into the agency's structure. The new in-house production department quickly emerged as one of the industry's best, nurturing talent with a strong focus on DE&I, and generating millions of pounds in revenue. Recognizing the exceptional success, a larger company within the agency network acquired it to elevate their own commercial production capabilities.

 More deliverables for less budget ? 

 A new production strategy is the answer 

A leading UK gaming brand was facing a challenge: they needed to deliver two major campaigns with a 30% smaller budget than their previous year's single campaign. Additionally, they wanted to increase the number of deliverables by 20%. House Band stepped in to help the brand achieve their ambitious goals. We worked closely with their creative brand and procurement teams to develop a production strategy that would meet their business needs while maintaining the highest creative standards. This involved taking a completely different approach to production and their supplier chain than the brand had taken in the past. We helped them to identify and utilize new, more cost-effective production methods and suppliers. This enabled them to achieve significant savings without sacrificing quality. We also provided ongoing consultation and guidance throughout the creative production process. This helped to ensure that the campaigns were on track and that the brand's creative vision was being realized. As a result of our work, the brand was able to successfully deliver two major campaigns with a 30% smaller budget and a 20% increase in deliverables.

 Brand comes first, then the idea 

 Align business goals using production strategy 

A beer brand was facing challenges with a campaign involving a product activation and film shoot in Italy. None of the beer brand's established vendors were able to deliver within the outlined budget, and were too focused on just the film shoot to the detriment of the product activation.   Consulting directly with the beer brand's parent company and their newly formed internal agency, House Band developed a production strategy which aligned to the brands business needs, campaign budget and expected creative ambition. We then consulted on the production execution of a brand activation and film shoot in Milan. The final work subsequently appeared as an ‘Ad of the Day’ by The Drum.

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